How it all started-My Telescope

In this blogpost I would like to talk about my own telescope. Her name is Betty. Yes, my telescope has a name and I stand by that ☺️😄.

This whole fascination with space and telescopes etc. started when I was pretty young. My parents got me a telescope for kids for my birthday and my dad and I went on our balcony that night to look at the moon. It was a kids telescope, so I guess the resolution was not amazing. But I was so impressed and just fascinated by this beautiful sight. I distinctly remember this. And I loved it.

So I like to think that this was the incident that started my love for space and astronomy. And as I grew older, I grew out of my shoes pretty quickly but not out of my love for space :D. So when I was old enough to work in the school holidays I started to save up money, so that one day I could buy a pretty good telescope.

And this whole process was very exciting. When I was at work I was thinking about which telescope to get and my goal I was working towards. Later at home after work I would do my reasearch on the internet and look at different types of telescopes to get, the price points etc. This was so much fun for me :D.

While searching for the differnet types of telescopes I came across Betty :D. I instantly loved this telescope! The design is so sleek and just beautiful. And the description of the telescope and what it is capable of presenting you was very convincing. Betty is a Skywatcher Dobson Telescope N 200/1200 Skyliner Classic DOB. I also looked at the reviews and throughout people left very good messages.

The 200 stands for the  200mm aperture. And the 1200 indicates the focal lenght of 1200mm. My telescope is a newtonian reflector.

The telescope comes with some accessories: two eyepieces (25 mm, 10 mm), finderscope (9×50) and a eyepiece adapter (1,25″ & 2″). And the whole telescope weighs about 26kg.

So I left the browser tab open and went on working. And every time after work I would look at the website where I found Betty and do more and more research on that telescope. I would look at different websites and blogposts and YouTube videos etc. By the way, I found my Dobson Telescope on the website called This isnt sponsored or something. I genuinely love their website. The support is amazing and they carry very good products. (Spoiler Alarm) When Betty arrived there were sweets in the package. So Astroshop is pretty cool :D.

Finally in January 2016 I was able to order my dream telescope online. I had been working for some time in the school holidays and earned enough money to do so. To this day, I remember the day Betty arrived very well. I was sooo excited haha! ☺️😄 

The anticipation had been growing for some time and I was so happy that I was able to buy her myself and that I could fulfill this year long dream of mine.

So on this cold day in January, I came home in the afternoon after a long day at school. And my brother opened the door for me. It wasnt just me who could not wait for the package to arrive. My whole family was excited, which meant a lot to me 😊.

Therefore I knew the long awaited parcel must have arrived when my brother opened the door with this smirk on his face :D.

And without a doubt, there she was! On the floor lay this huge parcel. My dad and brother helped me to carry her upstairs. It was super easy to assamble her. The Dobson Skywatcher Telescope consists predominantly of two main parts.

You have the telescope tube and the so called ‚Rockerbox‘. The ‚Rockerbox‘ is the part of the telescope where the tube is mounted on. It is very practical because you can change the direction of the telescope simply by rotating the ‚Rockerbox‘. So this makes adjusting the telescope very easy and straightforward.

And should you ever want to disassemble the telescope you just need to loosen the carrying handles on the left and right of the telescope, which connect the ‚Rockerbox‘ to the tube. This leaves you virtually with two parts, which is very convenient.

All in all I can really recommend this telescope. I think it is very pretty in design and very practical in handling. It enables you to look at the moon and the planets. I saw jupiter and saturn with my own eyes through Betty and it is just astounding! The first time I saw them it genuinely made me tear up 😄. The moon and its craters and seas are just tremendous. And you are able to look at deep sky objects like nebulae and galaxies.

I think it is just truly amazing that we are capable of seeing such remarkable things like our planets in outer space and other galaxies with our own eyes. Of course we need the help of telescopes. And they are very good in doing their part to help us study space. At least I can’t wait for the next time to explore our universe with Betty.

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  1. Slavica Vukojevic says:

    🔭🪐 so proud


    1. ❤️💕❤️💕

  2. Richard says:

    Wir müssen endlich auch mal zusammen los mit Betty! 🥰

    1. jaa unbedingt!🥰

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