Merry X-Mas! 🎄

Merry X-Mas everybody! 🤗🎄 This blogpost will be a holiday special and I thought what better way to celebrate the season than talking about X-Ray radiation.

Haha, well no I am joking. I know this topic maybe isn‘t the most festive one, although quite beaming and gleaming. But I thought that the little pun with X-rays and X-mas is just way too funny to pass by. I guess you saw through that one pretty quickly.

We will be talking about X-Ray radiation in depth in another blogpost. I thought it would be fun to tell you some puns about X-Ray Radiation. As you can tell I like puns a lot and the intro to this holiday special is already filled with puns. So why stop?

And it is the holidays so something fun should be fitting for this special blog post 😄.

Let‘s see if you will see through these ones 👀 and let‘s tickle your funny bone:

Pun Nr. 1: I once dated a X-ray technician. It didn‘t work out. She saw right through me.

Pun Nr. 2: Did you know that dogs can‘t read X-ray‘s and MRI‘s? But catscan.

Pun Nr. 3: I recently started dating a X-ray technician who is way out of my league. I still don‘t know what she sees in me.

Pun Nr. 4: What does Stings‘s doctor say when he looks at his X-Rays? „Hmm, that is intra-sting“.

Pun Nr. 5: A doctor was looking at a patients X-Rays.

Doctor: This is exactly what I was afraid of.

Patient: What is it Doctor?

Doctor: Skeletons.

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